Since its invention, 3D rendering and animation have gradually become popular avenues for expressing creativity. Marketers have also adopted them across architectural and engineering industries as the perfect marketing tool of the 21st century. Typically, 3D rendering involves the ideal blend of art and technology to enable image creation with real-time visualization and excellent design calculations. There are lots of critical areas where 3D photo-real visualization have proven to be the key for reduced cost and improved efficiency. The age-long debate, however, has been: "Which is better between outsourcing 3D rendering or employing an in-house designer to handle it." Of course, outsourcing is an easy pick, but if you're still in doubt about it, here are a few reasons why you really should consider outsourcing.
  • Cost Saving
Of course, you can pull one or two strings to get your in-house 3D services at a relatively cheaper cost. However, outsourcing has always been the main answer when you're talking about cost reduction in 3D rendering. When 3D rendering and animation services are outsourced, they usually cost up to 60% less than in-house design would have cost. Like it is the case with most other services, outsourcing 3D rendering will cut out the need for expenditures that would have been used for the maintenance of a team. Additionally, when outsourcing, you're paying for only the hours consumed for productive activities, and this can make cost far less than paying in-house designers for when they are productive and unproductive throughout the month. If you are looking to cut costs, then maybe outsourcing is your perfect option.
  • Profitability and Sustainability
As a follow up to the point above, outsourcing 3D rendering will more than hiring in-house designers, lead to sustained profitability. Of course, the increased profit margin is a direct function of the continuous reduction of operational cost. Having known that a business stands the opportunity of avoiding overhead cost involved with in-house hiring of designers when they outsource, one can easily calculate that there would be an increase in the firm's profit margin. Furthermore, financial resources that would have been used for overhead cost attached to in-house hiring, when channeled to other places of need can help lead to better market sustainability. Note that profitability and sustainability of business are not only measured in the amount of overhead cost that can be saved when a 3D design is outsourced. There’s also the tendency of hiring a designer that’s not as good as their résumé claims and in such case, they’d have probably done a lot of damage to the firm’s overall profit level before they would be discovered and let go if they are in-house employees, however, with outsourcing, since you are paying for each task that’s handled by the designer, you have an option to change to another designer at any time without losing much financially.
  • Superior Quality
One of the most significant benefits that outsourcing boasts over in-house employment in 3D rendering and designs is the availability of a wide range of options, leading to higher quality. 3D rendering and designs come in different fields and categories. These fields are so many that it's so difficult for one person to know it all. Having an in-house 3D designer means that you are stuck with a single option for handling all your 3D design needs. Outsourcing, on the other hand, offers you reach to a wide variety of options, thereby making it easy to find experts in any chosen field with all necessary tools and resource for solving your particular need available to them. Most vendor companies have staffs in almost all categories, so when you have them handle your project, they are left with the responsibility of finding the right fit design that will give you excellent services.
  • Competitive Advantage
Irrespective of your niche or industry, you're most likely in a fierce competition. In market competition, cost and time advantage helps you to gain an early market introduction and better quality at lower cost. These are things you're most likely going to get when you choose to outsource over in-house employment. Of course, you can now channel part of the resources saved into sprucing up your marketing effort. The competition in today’s market is getting more tightened, and by all means, you need to develop strategies that will help you stay on top of your competition or be ready to be knocked off by even smaller competition. If saving cost is a better way to maintain market leadership for you, then outsourcing of 3D design services is the best chance you have. Of course, 3D rendering and design are high tech areas and are generally expensive; you don’t want to have the burden lying more on your finances, hence the need to hire freelancers that would be paid based precisely on how much service they offer.
  • Cutting off Overhead and Training Expenses
One of the biggest wins of outsourcing over in-house hiring when it comes to 3D rendering is the cutting off of expenses related to recruitment and training. Orientation and training are key parts of every recruitment process. No matter the level of expertise a 3D designer boasts of, there's still the need to have them oriented with the firm's operation policies before they set into proper work, and this costs money. Outsourcing cuts off the need to allocate resources for hiring, training, and managing employees. Vendors are charged with all of such responsibilities, hence, assuring you of consistency.
  • Consistency and Quicker Services
Time management is one of the primary reasons behind the hiring of freelancers to handle 3D modeling and designs. Irrespective of work volume and complexity, freelancers and vendors are better placed to manage it to completion quicker and more efficiently. Most vendor companies would have a team that's very dedicated and willing to work shifts that will fit into the client's time zone. This guarantees a quicker completion time of the project than when in-house staffs handle such projects. Irrespective of your size or capacity, getting efficiency at lower cost is something you would desire. As long as 3D rendering and design is concerned, outsourcing is your biggest shot at maximum efficiency. Contact us today, to further discuss the potentials available to you if you outsource. more...