The truth remains that 3D rendering is hard, and it involves a very complicated process. It is easy to find yourself struggling to finish your Architectural rendering project because of the time limit or to be unsatisfied with the quality of work you've put into the process. You're not alone in this, as invested time/end product ratio has always been a major concern among most architects. Thanks to numerous inventions and innovations, architects now have various software solutions available to them, as well as many rendering techniques, with tools available for them throughout the process of rendering - from the start (pre-production) to finish (post-production). Architectural rendering comes in different phases, with the level of hyper-realism you can achieve these days lying on your ability to reach and use the best software and techniques. Many times, designers do not have enough time to pay the proper attention needed in each of the visualization phases. Instead of treating clients to unfinished visualization, experts have found a way that the whole process can be streamlined, without affecting the quality of work in any way – and it is the use of modern rendering software. Here are some of the best software that can help you do what's necessary to get good-quality renders. In discussing the suggestions, we will try to go all the way, telling you everything that you need to know about them and how each of them will specifically affect your work.
  • 3D Max
This is a compelling software that anybody serious about learning 3D rendering should know. It works for almost all types of rendering, ranging from car exteriors to estate interior modelling. Most industry experts refer to it as the best 3D modeling and rendering software fit for games and other design visualization. No doubt, the 3D Max software has everything it takes to redefine how your 3D rendering is done. It is a part of Autodesk's engineering, architecture and construction collection, and passes easily as a perfect tool for product design and manufacturing collection. Apart from being used for reality visualization in the architectural field, the 3D Max is also used by professionals in the film industry, and also by game designers for creating virtual reality games. The 3D Max software has everything you'll be needing in the designing of buildings, infrastructure, construction, as well as in manufacturing planning and product development. Furthermore, the 3D Max helps experts of architectural renders to customize their building environments. With the 3D Max software, it becomes easier to stimulate the physical properties of liquid like oil, water, and lava.
  • V-Ray
V-Ray is a new generation rendering software that seeks to make the whole process of 3D rendering easier and faster for users, hence, helping them to save time during production. V-Ray was designed to use Adaptive Dome Light for improving render times. The Adaptive Dome Light is a new kind of dome light that is made for analyzing scenes during rendering, therefore figuring out the best way to get scene lit and to cut render time. The idea behind this feature is for users to spend less time trying to set up plane lights, thereby making the whole process highly efficient. Newer versions of V-Ray are even making it easier to tweak settings, and since most V-Ray users fancy improved workflow, they would enjoy this all in one inclusive software.
  • Mental Ray
This is probably one other rendering software in this list that can be compared to V-Ray. Opinion may vary about the two, mostly depending on who's telling about them and their preference. Notwithstanding, they offer very similar features, although Mental Ray may be a little geared towards being more user-friendly, while VRay boasts of better quality and realism level. Mental Ray deserves its spot at the top; after all, it was made specifically to serve a wide range of designers and artists. Its versatility and ease of use are probably the reasons why it is advantageous to architects. You'd be surprised at all the amazing things that the Mental Ray software can do for you.
  • Octane Render
With a name like this, you certainly should expect nothing short of wonders from this one. And yes, it offers all the surprises you can expect in a next-generation software and even more considering its speed, ruggedness and real-world quality of images that it brings to the pack. Name aside, the Octane Render software is designed to offer a lot to designers and architects, despite not being among the most prominent known names in the world of visualization. Octane is best described as the new guy that's already knocking some of the old guns out in functionality and slickness. There's a lot of good to this software that helps reduce rendering time. The downside, however, is the unavailability of enough resources, meaning that you may spend a little more time trying to search for lessons, tutorials and other help on the internet. But once you have a good go at it, you’d be surprised at all the wonders that the Octane Render will bring to your 3D rendering.
  • Maxwell
There have been several complains about the slowness of Maxwell, and to be honest, it is a valid concern. But if you want greatness and you can wait a little more, then look no further than this pack of rendering importance. Most Maxwell users stay with it for long, and it's so easy to see why, considering its use of a unique lighting engine called 'unbiased rendering'. This lighting engine uses real-life modeling techniques instead of the shortcut techniques most other renders use. There's a lot in this software that helps to make architectural 3D rendering topnotch, and with the right knowledge of how it works, designers and architects will deliver nothing short of perfection in their renders. Although slow, but if you're physically and emotionally ready, then that shouldn't count for anything. As long as it concerns 3D rendering, getting it right takes a lot. However, the above mentioned software should help put you close to perfection. If you want to discuss the prospects better, feel free to contact us today, and we will have answers to your questions and doubts. more...